Hawaiian Silky Cool Scalp 14oz

Hawaiian Silky Cool Scalp 14oz
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Product Description

Hawaiian Silky COOL SCALP scalp treatment - 14oz

Soothes and Cools Sensitive Scalp Helps to Prevent Burning Eliminates Dryness

Hawaiian Silky Cool Scalp is designed especially for sensitive scalp treatment. Contains menthol, camphor and natural herbal extracts to heal and give a cool soothing feel to the scalp. It helps to prevent from burning, dryness and tightness of scalp.

This special scalp treatment for sensitive scalp contains menthol and camphor to give a cool soothing feel to the scalp. Use around the hairline and on the scalp when using relaxers or other harsh chemicals.

Directions: Check scalp. If cuts or abrasions are present, postpone chemical treatment until conditions clear. Part hair into four sections and apply hawaiian silky cool scalp thoroughly to scalp, hairline, forehead, ears and nape of neck. Avoid applying to hair as much as possible.