The Wavy File Foot Scrubber

The Wavy File Foot Scrubber
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Product Description

The Wavy File - Foot Scrubber

Removes Dead Skin & Smoothes Feet. The Wavy File is designed to work in rounded surface of feet. The inside part of the Wavy File removes roughness from heels and borders of feet. The outside works on the sole of feet. The Wave File has been design thinking on you, combine in one product the most anatomic, comfort, safety and effetive results in remove dead skin and smoothes feet. The Wavy File is perfect for personal use, hanged in the shower and used twice a week will keep you perfect.

Select Regular for medium to low size rough areas. Select Coarse for medium size rough and X-Coarse for large and hard callous areas. Rub with light pressure, use wet or dry and obtain the best results.

Directions: use in dry or wet skin. Rub File against rough areas of feet using light pressure. Rinse Wavy File in warm or hot water to sanitize. Can be use in the shower. For better results use twice a week in or out the shower and maintain the smoothness and comfort of your feet.

Warning: If diabetes or poor circulation exists, consult a physician before usage.

Sucessfully tested and proven for guaranteed satisfaction.