Sofn'free n'pretty Shea Butter Shampoo 11.8oz

Sofn'free n'pretty Shea Butter Shampoo 11.8oz
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Product Description

Made from naturally healthy African shea butter, this rich preparation is blended with gentle cleansers for a tear-free childrens shampoo. Luxurious, fluffy suds remove dirt and grime to leave hair soft, supple, and tangle free.

Expert Advice Shea Butter Shampoo Why shea butter? Shea Butter has no known toxicity and will not cause itching or discomfort. It also heals and prevents skin and scalp disorders. Is the shampoo gentle? Yes. Shea butter shampoo is classified as a no-tears shampoo. How long will a bottle last? Shea butter shampoo is a high-sudsing shampoo. The average amount of shampoo used is one-half to one ounce, making it possible to get 16-32 shampoos per bottle. Can adults use Shea Butter Shampoo? Yes, it's a thorough but gentle cleanser for children and adults. Adults report moisturized and tangle-free hair after shampooing and conditioning.