Sofn'free n'pretty Olive Oil Detangling Spray 11.8oz

Sofn'free n'pretty Olive Oil Detangling Spray 11.8oz
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Product Description

This pure, natural daily leave-in detangles all hair types. It also prevents breakage, promotes growth, and delicately tames tangles and knots.

Expert Advice Olive Oil Detangler When's the best time to use it? Olive Oil Detangler, which prevents breakage, is especially helpful for first-time daily hair combing. It detangles, moisturizes, and prepares hair for styling. What's the best way to use it? Spray lightly and massage into hair for even distribution before combing. or brushing. What's the expiration date? On the bottle, near the bottom. At what age can I use it? It can be used at any age on natural or relaxed hair. My child is bi-racial. Can he or she use it? Yes. It's highly effective for mixed textures. What would you recommend for coarse, tangled hair? Apply Olive Oil Detangler to hair. Then, starting at the ends, comb your child's hair out and work down into the scalp. Finally, comb out your child's hair from scalp to ends.