Sofn'free n'pretty Carrot Oil Cream 11.8oz

Sofn'free n'pretty Carrot Oil Cream 11.8oz
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Product Description

This organic daily hair strengthener and moisturizer contains carrot oil extract with beta-carotene for healthy, shining hair. It moisturizes , strengthens and prevents hair breakage.

Expert Advice Carrot Oil Cr¸me What is it used for? Carrot Oil Cr¸me is used to prevent dryness, strengthen hair, and stop shedding. What's the best way to use it? Pour a little into your palms, rub them together, and then apply to hair. Comb or brush for even distribution and style. Where is the expiration date? It's printed on the bottle. At what age can my child use it? It's formulated with natural ingredients effective for children of any age. Can adults use carrot oil? Yes.