Shea Moisture 100% Shea Butter 2oz

Shea Moisture 100% Shea Butter 2oz
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Product Description

For centuries Africans have used Shea Butter to moisturize, soothe, protect and heal skin conditions.

SheaMoisture's all natural 100% Shea Butter's outstanding therapeutic properties are derived from its high content of unsaponifiable fatty acids. These include Kariten - a bend of various derivatives with pro-vitaminic properties, Triterpenic Alcohols with Cinnamon Esters provide protection from UV rays 275 nm, Allantoin, Phytosterols-promotes cellular growth, Resinous Esters healing and disinfecting properties, and other natural compounds with high therapeutic values.

With regular use, SheaMoisture 100% Shea Butter evens skin tone and returns skin to its natural luster. Melting at body temperature, it absorbs quickly and completely into skin without leaving greasy residue. As it penetrates deep into the skin to re-hydrate and promote cell growth, SheaMoisture retains moisture in skin lipids to improve elasticity and combat wrinkles and stretch marks. It is excellent for moisturizing & protecting the scalp, especially on processed and heat-treated hair. Unlike petrolatum based products, it will not clog pores and block hair shaft, allowing for easy breathing and stimulating growth.

Recommended Uses:

Apply generously to entire body as a daily moisturizer. For treating dry skin conditions associated with eczema, psoriasis and chapped or chafed skin apply directly to affected area.

Massage into scalp to soothe irritation, replenish lost moisture and protect. Most effective when applied after washing hair, after close/shaved hair cuts, after processing hair.

Apply to minor rashes, bruises and burns to soothe irritation, aid healing and reduce scaring.