Salon Pro 30 Sec. Daily Hold Lace Wig Bond (0.5oz)

Salon Pro 30 Sec. Daily Hold Lace Wig Bond (0.5oz)
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Product Description

Daily Hold is a waterproof, short term 1 to 7 day bond. It dries completely transparent with a secure hold and can be applied in multiple layers for even more security. It holds up well under perspiration, water, heat and humidity. It can hold securely for up to 7 days. It is a great bond for beginner lace wig wearer or for those wanting a secure bond lasting for only a few days. You will feel comfortable all day long and can participate in any activity with confidence. Yetit is easy enough to remove nightly with the Salon Pro 30 Second Lace Wig Bond Remover System and will only take minutes to reapply the next day.

Size 0.5oz