Real Life French Nail Kit

Why do the nails have tabs? The patented Self Tab on Real Life nails aim to make your life even easier. Because of the shorter length of the nail, it can be harder to hold and apply. Simply hold the nail by the tab and you have complete control. Twist-off Pink Gel Glue No push pins necessary. Just twist-off cap to open. Then place the glue in the glue stand that's included in each kit. Pink Gel Glue is included to enhance the color of your natural nail bed to give it the most natural and healthy look. It is slightly thicker than standard nail glues to give you more time to get the nail positioned exactly the way you like before the glue dries.

How to Apply How to Remove DO NOT FORCE NAILS OFF. This will cause damage to your natural nail. For quick, easy removal use Broadway Nails® Artificial Nail Remover Kit or soak nails in acetone-based polish remover until soft. Wipe off softened plastic and glue and repeat process as necessary.

How long will they last? Full cover nails applied with glue usually last up to 10 days. This of course depends on how fast your nails grow and how tough you are on your hands. Wear beyond 10 days is not recommended.

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