RED Flat Irons

RED Flat Irons
Flat Iron

RealTime Rapid Heating System - RED Hot Styler Flat Irons reach 212F (100C) in 60 Seconds - Faster Heating means less time waiting for your appliance to be up to your desired temperature - Within 2 minutes, RED Hot Styler Appliance reach its maximum temperature of 392F (200C) Eliminates frizz & preserves hair moisture Even heat distribution Instant variable Temperature control with on/off button Curl,flip & straighten your hair (#F1050, #F1075) Wet to Dry Function-Safe to use on wet or dry hair (#F1125) Save up to 80% more electricity than competitors Less than 30 seconds to reach full operating temperature Extra hot ceramic plates for straight, shiny, and healthy hair

RED Ceramic Flat Iron FI050 1/2"
RED Ceramic Flat Iron FI075 3/4"
RED Ceramic Flat Iron FI100 1"
RED Ceramic Flat Iron FI125 1&1/4"
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RED Ceramic Flat Iron FI150 1&1/2"
RED Ceramic Flat Iron FI200 2"