Mane Concept Brown Sugar Human Hair StyleMix Hand Tied Frontal Lace Closure Wig BSF12

Item# BSF12

Product Description

"Not Just A FRONTAL. Its a FRONTAL UNIT!" Committed to only providing you with the best of the best in quality, style, and technology, weve devoted countless hours in research and development. Weve heard your demand for a natural yet versatile look, and were here to deliver. We introduce our Brown Sugar Frontal Lace Wig unit with Ear to Ear (13x4) hand-tied lace coverage. Constructed to mimic the look of a natural scalp, our Brown Sugar Frontal Lace unit provides skin friendly comfort. Even more, the 13x4 lace coverage allows you to part and style your hair freely with versatility and confidence! Achieve the best look around and get the best taste in styles with Brown Sugar Frontal Lace Wig!