Hot Tools Spring Curling Irons

An innovative, effective curling iron that features high power, instant heat for consistent, dependable results on any type of hair. Available in 3/8, 5/8, 3/4, 1, 1 1, 2 inch barrel size. Conventional curling iron performance cannot meet the professional stylist's needs. In the demanding salon environment, a curling iron must have the ability to heat up fast, avoid heat loss so the stylist may work quickly while achieving consistent curl quality, and variable heat with a full range of temperatures, from extra high setting for coarse, or ethnic hair to a low setting for fine, damaged or treated hair. These demanding requirements led to Hot Tools' innovative, and very effective, combination of high power and electronics, Pulse Auto Heat Control.

Hot Tools' Patented Pulse Auto Heat Control senses heat loss and regenerates heat instantly for nonstop curling with consistent quality. Barrel temperature remains constant curl after curl. Product Features: Mica Heating System 10 Heat Settings Steel Bar 85 watts of power is four times the power of standard curling irons for incredibly fast heatup and heat restoration allows Hot Tools irons to get hot... stay hot. Electronics sensor in iron's barrel detects heat loss and signals heating system to boost iron's heat. Constant heat - Barrel temperature remains constant curl after curl, allowing stylist to work quickly while attaining consistent results. Ready to use in 60 seconds. And the iron continues to build heat even if it is used before selected temperature is reached. 10 variable heat settings - Built-in rheostat control provides 10 settings from low, for fine or chemically treated hair, to high for thick, coarse hair. Superior mica heating system - Mica heater covers entire inner surface of barrel to distribute heat faster and more evenly than conventional irons. A steel bar connects the barrel to the handle providing a more secure construction and prevents handle from bending under pressure applied during use. Powerful spring clamp Heavy duty long-life heating element 24K gold plated barrel Extra long cool tip Separate On/Off switch allows rheostat to "memorize" your favorite heat setting Foldaway safety stand Sure-grip comfort handle Heavy duty 8-foot tangle-proof swivel cord Pilot light Voltage: 120V Available in 6 different barrel sizes: - 3/8" barrel for soft, tight curls, bangs and wisps. - 5/8" barrel for smooth, tight curls. - 3/4" barrel for all hair lengths. - 1" barrel creates full curls and waves. - 1" barrel creates large, loose curls. - 1" barrel for longer hair. - 2" barrel for extra volume and lift