Bronner Bros B&B Naturals Hydrating Growth Oil 4oz

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Product Description

BB® Hydrating Growth Oil

Formulated for hair and skin.

Hair: BB® Hydrating Growth Oil is a lightweight formula that conditions and moisturizes without leaving a heavy buildup. BB® Hydrating Growth Oil leaves hair soft and manageable with a silky shine.

Skin: BB® Hydrating Growth Oil hydrates your skin and helps restore moisture. May also be used on your nails and cuticles

Formulated for hair & skin Locks in moisture and reduces frizz Restores moisture

Directions: Hold the bottle in your hands until the product liquifies and then shake well. Apply BB® Hydrating Growth Oil from the applicator directly onto scalp. Using your fingertips, massage into scalp to make certain that penetration has taken place. For thinning, problem or weak areas use twice daily. Preferably in the morning and at bedtime.